-If you can not stop thinking about it, don’t stop working for it-

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Hello, I am Nadia firdaus, 7th Semester of pharmaceutical student of University of Darussalam Gontor. I am sure every students has dream to go abroad and study abroad, so I thought I need to share this little awesome experience I had. The program that absolutely sounds familiar with almost all pharmaceutical students in this university. It’s all about “Student Exchange Program-Summer 2019” that I had in Malaysia 2 months ago.

Studying abroad is one of my dreams, and this student exchange program is a chance for me to study abroad. I applied the SEP because I want and need to gain my knowledge to be good pharmacist in the future, especially in the field of Community Pharmacy, the field that I do intrest with, because through this field we learn how to serve the role of pharmacy, communicate and interact with patients directly.

This programme is designed by IPSF (International Pharmaceutical Students Federation) for all pharmaceutical students around the wolrd  to experience and explore the wide world of pharmacy. Through this programme I can learn more and enhance my capability as a pharmacist to be, not only by learning in the class, this program gave me chance to share and exchange broad knowledge with lots of pharmacists and pharmaceutical students.

I participated in this student exchange program which hosted by MyPsa Malaysia, in the field of Community Pharmacy. It was great days ever that I had in my life time. Explore the real world of pharmacy, explore many new places in Malaysia, learn new language, new cultures, and ethnics. I learned new cases and discussed with pharmacists, and I met many new friends from the other country such as Egyptian students, Algerian Students, Dubai Student, also Indonesian students from other universities, those are Institute of Technology Bandung, University of Dharma Andalas Padang, and University of Surabaya.

Having SEP is awesome experience. It opened my mind and views of being pharmacist in the future, such as unforgetable memories to tell. The pharmacists and team taught me alot of things about the pharmacy in the community. Not only that, but also they taught me about the cultures, ethnics and languages in Malaysia, where we have much similarities between Malaysia and Indonesia in language and culture, also the taste foods. You will find three ethnics in Malaysia they are Chines, Indian, and Melayu (the indigene of Malaysia) that colours Malaysia, that’s why I choosed Malaysia because it has similar culture and language, also the huge population of muslims and friendly inhibitants.

I did the internship in Alpro Pharmacy for 2 weeks. Alpro is one of the biggest pharmacy in Malaysia that has many branches in every city of Malaysia. Alpro also has many own drug and cosmetics products that available only in Alpro. During SEP I and my friends taught a lot of things about pharmacy community, with intelligent chines pharmacist he is Ph. Nate Chan Yei Fei, graduated from Master of Pharmacy University of Strathcylde MMPS, and another one great and kind pharmacist she Ph. I’zma Izat’s, graduated from IIUM and MMPS, and also the friendly and welcome team of Alpro Pharmacy. They all trained me alot of things such as the operational in Alpro pharmacy, the operational to cope the expired products, the price and profit, the cluster of te drugs which are divided into several Poisen, discuss the cases and conseling to the patients, etc. I found the unique thing that the chines patients will consults only with the chines pharmacist, because alot of chines they can not speak in english or melayu language, that’s why in every Alpro Pharmacy it would has chines pharmacist.

During the SEP I and my friends explored many places everyday after the internship. Whereas, in the internship time we just stay in the pharmacy store and around it. Two weeks is short time for me to explore all of the wide world of pharmacy. If I had chance to have SEP again, I will join SEP next summer SEP program. Great things never come from comfort zones, and as pharmaceutical students we need to look outside the window, experience more how the pharmacy abroad, to give us the broad knowledge how does the development of pharmacy abroad, and to have networking with other pharmaceutical students around the world.

I wish all the pharmaceutical students in this university hanker to join this program. Every one has opportunity to make dreams happen. You don’t get what you wish for, you get what you work for. Although it’s quite complicated and long processes to join this program, but don’t worry and never hesitate to try to join this program, it such wonderful and great opportunity to have. Sure you all have capability and strong desire to ford it all. You can show your capability. See you in the next SEP.

(Nadia Firdaus)

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